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Impact Missions Training

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The primary objective of Impact Missions Training is to introduce and prepare young adults into ministry, missions and fulfilling their calling.

We offer exciting programs for young people like weekends away to the Drakensberg and then on to other more advanced training schedules.

Students stay at a beautiful location on the banks f the Vaal river.

At the end of their GAP year, your young adult will walk away with many certificates to be used either in the Corporate or Mission environment.  They will learn the values needed to persevere, work hard, exercise discipline in following Jesus, in addition to gaining a huge insight into God’s heart for the Nations and their part or role in His Purpose for our lives.

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About Us

We have various programs in place to teach locals and missionaries extra skills that will be useful in the field and equip them for effective outreach.

We also have a program and a project at Impact to teach Farming God’s Way.  Once again equipping young missionaries with skills to take into the mission field.  The FGW is an awesome tool for outreach as well, so programs are in place to teach locals how to take this skill into their rural areas, showing them God’s love.

The Youth KAIROS (YK) course is a guided learning experience, specifically designed to help young people discover how they can be part of the World Christian Movement.

We work with schools and run an anti-bullying program where offenders are sent to Impact’s venue to undergo a program geared to deter bullying.  Teachers, principals, parents and police are all in agreement with the program and work together to fight this community issue.

The Founding Pastors are Ray and Lynne Lopez.

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