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Welcome to New Life Institute! 

Take the first step in following your dreams of working towards establishing a successful academic mind through the power of correspondence study.

Academic advising is a collaborative and information-sharing process, through which students can optimize their academic success.

Our students have access to a one-of-a-kind Academic Advising Institute.

The Academic Advising support is a specialized support system that interacts one-on-one with students via telephonic or email consultation.

Ethos & Values

New Life Institute prides itself on its reputation as an institution of excellence and prestige.


Our mission is to prove a calibre of education that is credible, affordable and quality assured.

The Licentiare Theologiae (L. Th.) has been designed with the student in mind and ensure that the learning experience covers all aspects of academia.

Our unique and innovative learning medium allows students the benefit of flexible study while still pursuing their personal and work objectives.

Diploma L.TH

In line with the Alliance’s vision to focus on ministry to the Body of Christ, the New Life Institute has designed and developed a three year Licentiare Theologiae diploma to theologically equip people for ministry. Making sure that we are true to our value of being faithful to our heritage.

Students on this program do not write examinations, but instead complete a Portfolio & Workbook as Portfolio of Evidence

Type of programme:  The Licentiare Theologiae Diploma is a course in Theology and Church Management.

Admission requirement: The student must be able to read and write in English.

Description: This programme provides the student with the knowledge to demonstrate an understanding of the principles of Church management and Ministry to the Assembly.

In addition, the programme supports skills development including operational skills, communication and finances.


Upon successful completion of this programme, the student will receive a Diploma: Licentiare Theologiae  (L. Th.) Recognised by various international institutions including University of North West (SA) and Lee University (USA)


For more info and prospectus, please contact

Dr Gert Venter (Principal)

+27 81 539 1038

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